fake money

At the end of the night, your manager will likely run your cash through a counter that will count how much cash you have and check for any counterfeit bills.  Most bars and nightclubs will make the bartender who accepted any fake bills cover the amount out of pocket.  This has happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you! Review the checkpoints below.

The images on the left are real money.  Images on the right are counterfeit.


Border LBorder R

The border lines on the real currency are crisp and clear.  If the lines are blurred, like the image on the right, the bill may be fake.

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers LSerial Numbers R

The serial numbers on genuine currency are crisp and evenly spaced.  The serial numbers on some counterfeit bills are spaced haphazardly and are misaligned.


Portrai LPortait R

Real currency has portraits that stick out from the background.  Fake currency often has a portrait that looks flat and blends in with the background.


In addition to the areas to review above, FEEL the bill, we all know what real bills feel like.  If it feels very thin and more “paper-like”, it is likely fake.  The more you pay attention, the better you’ll get at this!

Finally, purchase a counterfeit detector marker that will tell you instantly if the bill is fake.  Clicking the image below will bring you to its page on Amazon.

c pen


Counterfeit Detector Marker 




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